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Gil's Ranking System

What is it?

The system compares how you do in a game with how well you are supposed to do in order to generate a number for the game which is averaged into your total. When compared with the totals of other players it then determines your rank.

What do the numbers mean?

The system is on a -2 to 2 scale. The closer to 2 the beter the player the closer to -2 the worse the player. Top ranked players are generaly in the vecinity of 0.1 to 0.3

How accurate is the system?

Fluke games early give the computer a false implication of how good a player is, But as the player plays more games the fluke has less of an impact and their rank becomes more and more reliable. We have established 10 to be the number of games needed to have a reliable rank. Players with less then 10 games are not considered ranked, their number is not considered reliable.

How are the numbers calculated?

The Equasion is:

Margin of Victory(- if a loss) (opponents average - your average)
------------------------------ + ----------------------------------
5 (best average - worst average)