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Official Sites

Cactus Game Design Inc. - Home of Cactus Game Design, creator of Redemption
The Official Redemption Website - Official Home for all Redemption news and information

WildCard Sites

Gil's Commentary - the largest ruling compilation anywhere, unfortunately not current
Our Yahoo Group - Communications hub for WildCard

Sites from other States

Redemption Virginia - East Central Region
Redemption Wisconsin - Midwest Region
Three Lions Redemption Site - Midwest Region(Ohio)
Redemption Minnesota - North Central Region
Redemption Rocket - North Central Region(Minnesota)
Redemption Pennsylvania - Northeastern Region
Redemption Maryland - Northeastern Region
Redemption New Jersey - Northeastern Region
Redemption Oregon - Northwesten Region
Redemption California - Southwestern Region

Miscellaneous Sites - preferred discussion board
Redemption EZ Board Forum - alternate discussion board